Online Sessions

Explore key topics about inclusive living in eight video-based learning sessions at your own pace. Hear from families' real-life experiences and benefit from additional resources.

Find out how the Online Sessions work

To provide you with the best learning experience, each session comes with useful information, real-life examples and small exercises. Feel free to jump from one session to the other. But we do recommend you follow the order of the sessions and videos as they build on each other. To access the Online Sessions, you need to register for the In Conversation Series. Just contact Molly and you will be provided with all the information needed.

Gain insights and listen to family voices

You are provided with useful information on key topics and families share their experiences and knowledge with you.

Complete small

Short exercises during and after the sessions, will help you reflect on the topics and to apply what you are learning in your loved ones life.

Download additional

You can find links to the Reflective Booklets, articles, books and podcasts with additional information on the topics.

Session Overview

Session 1

The Natural Authority of Families

The first session is all about you, families. We look at what we mean by the Natural Authority of Families; why it's important to deepen our understanding of this and the challenges facing families in exercising this authority.

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Session 2

Society and disability

Let's dig deeper and introduce you to topics that might not always be easy to talk about: including social devaluation, mindsets and expectations and the impact of these in the lives of people with a disability.

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Session 3

Community Living and a Life of Meaning

Everybody deserves to experience the good things in life. That's why, in the third session, we look at what are the good things in life and how to access them. We also talk about the importance of community and provide you with ways to create a sense of connection and belonging through valued social roles.

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Session 4

Vision: Creating the Life you want

Vision is the art of seeing what others can't. In this session we take you on a journey to explore how to create a vision and why it is important to have a vision for your loved one.

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Session 5

The Importance of Planning

Hold the vision and trust the process. In session five we look at how to make your vision a reality with good planning and the important things we need to bring to the planning process.

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Session 6

Self-directed Lives

Go your own way! Session six covers the questions 'What is self-direction?' and 'Where are things at in Ireland?'

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Session 7

Advocating for Change

Be the change! In this session, we want to provide you with information, resources and strategies you can use when advocating and championing change for your loved one.

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Session 8

Building and Sustaining Resilience

Staying strong on the journey. In the last session we look at resilience, the importance of self care and relationships.

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Become part of the In Conversation Series

If you want to join the Webinars and get access to the Online Session, please register before September 6th. Please note: There is a fee of €120 to access the series. For more information and to register, please contact Molly and you will be provided with everything needed.